[Samba] Authentication Scheme for Samba3.0beta

Tim Jordan, Network Services Timothy_Jordan at labor.state.ak.us
Wed Jun 25 18:41:39 GMT 2003

I'm trying to configure authentication for my Samba3.0beta box against 
our W2K (mixed-mode), Acitve Directory network. 

Is Windbind still the way to go for login authentication in Samba3.0 
using my Windows domain account?  I want to stay with our Acitve 
Directory PDC authenticating me.

Is there a way to get my Kerberos ticket at login for my Samba box? 

Being able to easily connect to windows machines, from a shell, using 
the Kerberos ticket is very nice!  Can I do that through a broswer such 
as Konqueror?  My current setup still prompts me for authentication to 
each share.

I have enjoyed working with Samba over the past few weeks (I'm very new 
at this!).  Any info. or pointers are very appreciated.



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