[Samba] Multiple wins server entries

Nejc Skoberne nejc.skoberne at guest.arnes.si
Wed Jun 25 15:24:28 GMT 2003


I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to specify mutiple "wins servers" in smb.conf file?
man smb.conf doesn't say that, so I don't know. If it is possible how
do I do it? "wins server = IP_1, IP_2"?

2. man smb.conf says "password server" must be a NetBIOS name. I have
IP addresses specified and it works OK anyway. How come?

Thank you in advance,

Nejc Skoberne
Grajska 5
SI-5220 Tolmin
E-mail: nejc.skoberne at guest.arnes.si

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