[Samba] Searching for Doku Samba with LDAP

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Wed Jun 25 08:32:10 GMT 2003

Robert Einsle robert at einsle.de

> Wed Jun 25 08:31:53 GMT 2003
> Hy *
> I'm searching for Doku acting as an PDC in an Windows environment.
> I was able to set up the Ldap-Directory itself, storing the Users in the 
> Directory, this all is working.
> But was not able to let the Workstations join the Domain. Here i don't 
> find Dokumentation about it.
> Can anyone send me links about Dokumentation about LDAP and Samba, 
> acting as an PDC.

Hi, Robert,

have you ever checked out the new HOWTO Collection? It is here:



> Thank you very much about your Help.
> \Robert

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