[Samba] Roaming Profile XP

Adrian Chow achow at gandalf.uwcsea.edu.sg
Wed Jun 25 05:48:35 GMT 2003


I have put the wallpapers found in c:\windows\web\wallpapers into Samba's
shared directory.  And I point the desktop wallpaper to the Samba shared
directory.  But it did not work when i tried logging in another machine.

Please help.  Any way to copy stuff from Local Settings to Samba?


> On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 06:01:47PM +0800, Adrian Chow wrote:
>> I have configured roaming profile on WIndows Xp client that is connect
>> to
>> the Samba.  Login works fine except that when I change the wallpaper on
>> one machine, log off and goes to another machine, the wallpaper was not
>> changed on the other one.
>> Other files created on the desktop are changed.
>> Can anyone explain or help ?
> Adrian,
> I ran into this too.  This is what happens.  Say I set my background to be
> something OTHER THAN a bitmap like mypic.jpg.  XP converts the jpg to a
> bitmap and stores the bitmap under "Local Settings" in the profile, which
> of course doesn't roam.  The simple fix that I've been telling my users is
> to first convert their background to a bitmap image and store it on a
> network drive, then set your background to that image and your background
> roams with you.
> Works for me.
> Nathan
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> nre
> :wq

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