[Samba] Nautilus & 'smb:' command

James Taylor james_n_taylor at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 00:21:01 GMT 2003


New to Samba, RH8. Searched for an answer but without joy.

I have set up a lone Linux machine with Samba on a Windows
2K network. I can log in from Windows -> Linux. I can also
login into Windows resources from Linux when I use the
command: smbclient //hostname/sharename -U username

However, when I use Gnome Nautilus and the 'smb:' command,
I can see the workgroup, enter and see the Windows server
in the workgroup but when I open the server to locate the
share I get ¨Couldnt Find \\hosename\sharename please check
the spelling and try again¨

Any thoughts?

Another question - are there any better ways of allowing a
user access to a WinNT share than having to allow the
Windows Guest user browse rights to the share?


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