[Samba] Win2k File Locking/performance/getting kicked off (kinda was: quickbooks)

Justin Kreger jkreger at lwolenczak.net
Tue Jun 24 21:50:59 GMT 2003

Ok, My controller continues to have issues. I'm getting fed up as he is,
and I'm disabling file locking for him tonight, but apparently,
word/excel are locking up and coming up with "debug" screens.  I don't
necessarily think these problems are dude to samba, but as always, I
must eliminate all possibilities. 

The controler uses Win2k Pro, He says it takes 5+ minutes to open
word/excel, that they are just crashing when interacting with the
server, and that he is getting the good old "disconnected, etc etc "
message from quickbooks.

Anybody else running into simular problems with win2k?
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