[Samba] NT4 PC's will not connect

brian.anderson at wachovia.com brian.anderson at wachovia.com
Tue Jun 24 17:16:24 GMT 2003

We have been using Samba To connect 2 NT4 PC's to our Unix boxes.  These 
boxes use veritas clustering software for failover.  During our failover 
the veritas software unmounted the filesystems and moveed them to another
server.  We are connecting the PC's to the servers using a virtual IP 
controlled by veritas.  So when the second box mounted and the application 
the PC tried to write out to the file we thought that it would reconnect. 
However, the PC's would not reconnect at all.  Everything in Samba is 
properly and I can swap out those PC's with different ones and everything 
correctly. So here is my question.  Is there something like a lock file or 
configuration file in NT that will not let these PC's reconnect using 
there net
application? It has to be something PC related, but it is weird that both 
these PC's were working great and then we pulled the rug out from under 
them and
they would not reconnect. Any help would be appreciated.
Brian Anderson

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