[Samba] filename conversion from samba 2.x to 3.0beta

Holger Brückner brueckner at net-labs.de
Tue Jun 24 15:41:13 GMT 2003


i upgraded a samba 2.x box to 3.0beta1. now users are unable to access
filenames which contain german umlauts.

e.g. filename Römer is cut down to R

umlauts work fine when the filename is create by the samba 3.0 box.

does anybody know how to convert old style filenames to the new charset
? i know that there is a "conversion" script in the samba howto, but
unfortunately it works with find and find makes Rmer out of Römer :(
, so this script doesn't work.

what was the old style default encoding and what is used in samba 3.0 ?


Holger Brueckner
net-labs Systemhaus GmbH

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