[Samba] basic questions for samba with ads

stefan sokoll linuxmails2003 at yahoo.de
Tue Jun 24 14:05:39 GMT 2003

i'm quite new with this topic and i hope it's ok to ask some basic things..
-what are the main advantages that i have when i connect my linux client to an active directory? is it only to gain services from other computers without authenticating my self every time?
-i'm using suse8.2 and i didn't get samba3.0.0beta1 work with kerberos from the heimdal implementation. THere are some basic things i don't understand: 
Do i need to have heimdal installed on my machine or is it only necessary to have the devel packages installed and compile samba with krb5 support?
Which version of heimdal is capable to work with samba and ads?
Has somebody running samba3.0.0beta1 with connection to an ads on a suse distribution? Can you then please tell me which rpm-packages or which source files you used and which has been your configure and make options.
Thanx for any answer!
ciao stefan

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