[Samba] RE: Quickbooks revisited

No Free Lunch tanstaafl_bh at netzero.net
Tue Jun 24 12:41:11 GMT 2003

> Quickbooks is SO slow, we are having all of the same issues listed here.
> Our QB file is about 250 MB and is slow as a turtle.  It is nearly unusable
> in a networked environment.  If i put the file on the Local Machine, it is
> fine.  It is only Slightly faster on a win2k server, i believe.  Im not
> convinced its samba by any stretch.  But can anyone reccomend a better
> product, cuz this product (QB) is terrible.

Well, since Intuit strongly recommends not letting your QB data 
file get much bigger than 40MB for this very reason, I would say 
the file size is your problem.


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