[Samba] Questions about w2003 server

Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior Technical Consultant Patrik.Gustavsson at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 24 06:04:26 GMT 2003

To be full ADS member in W2003 server you have to use Samba 3(-beta1).

You have to compile Samba 3 with kerberos and ldap support to get ADS 
support within


Johan wrote:

> Greetings and Thank You in advance to anyone who responds to this 
> message.
> As the saying goes long time listener first time caller.
> Our campus is switching(might I add not with our blessing) to a 
> windows 2003 backend.
> Since we at the library prefer to stay Linux/FreeBsd we are searching 
> for information about joining a Samba Server to a 2003 environment. 
> Has anyone been successful in integrating the two?
> If so could you offer any advice, pointers, roadblocks, showstoppers etc.
> Thanks
> Johan Dowdy
> Cabrillo College Library

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