[Samba] Trouble with CUPS/SAMBA - Solved

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Tue Jun 24 01:40:22 GMT 2003

Bo Mellberg bosse at mellberg.org

> Mon Jun 23 23:31:26 GMT 2003
> Yeah, it really helps me that you come
> after I managed to get ANYTHING out of
> that printer,

I am so very sorry, that I have not been *constatntly* watching
the list for your feedback, and that once I had responded to
your second mail also, your "SOLVED" mail appeared within a
minute in my mailbox.

Now that *some* feedback from you is forthcoming, it is not what
was asked for, unfortunately.

> and say that all I do is wrong.

Did I say so? Did I say "All"?

You have been asked a few very specific questions to help solve
your problem which you never bothered to answer.

> The versions are the the one installed by
> RedHat Linux 9 (shrike).

Now, if I knew by heart which versions of CUPS and Samba
RH9 do install, I wouldn't need to ask further...

> I installed the
> printer using the redhat utility, and I
> configured samba using, first the redhat
> utility, and then fiddling with the smb.conf.
> Any drivers used by the Windows clients are
> their own (postscript). Dont ask me how
> cupsomatic got in there, 'cause I dont know.
> Until you can come up with a better idea of
> installing the printer, I'll manage with this
> one, thank you very much.
> And just how is getting this to work properly
> confusing to others?

I tell you:

* You was posting a smb.conf with a
   "print command = lpr -P %p -o raw %s -r" and some
   other manually set commands.

* Your posted smb.conf is quite in opposition to what
   the smb.conf man page advices.

* The "man page" says this:      ".......If  SAMBA  is  compiled against
               libcups, then printcap = cups uses the CUPS API to  submit
               jobs, etc. Otherwise it maps to the System V commands with
               the -oraw option for printing, i.e. it  uses  lp  -c  -d%p
               -oraw;  rm %s.  With printing = cups, and if SAMBA is com-­
               piled against libcups, any manually set print command will
               be ignored."

So *your* questions have been ansered. Maybe not well

> /Bo


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