[Samba] Multiple domains in the logon window

Alexandru Molodoi alexandrum at home.ro
Mon Jun 23 15:01:44 GMT 2003

Could you pls tell me how can I achieve that on my w2k/xp workstations'
logon window, when a user name, a password and a domain is asked all the
domains in my network are shown and able to be chosen?

For example I have two Samba 2.2.5 domain controllers in my LAN for DOM1
and DOM2. Some workstations are set to be part of DOM1, and some part of
DOM2. I wish that a user could be able to choose to which domain he
should log on to (and I think that is the normal way).
In my case, the only domain that is available for logon is the domain
that the computer is part of and the local logon (this computer)

Alexandru Molodoi

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