[Samba] wbinfo and getent passwd showing different number of accounts

Lee Sanders samba-337 at ccp.com.au
Mon Jun 23 06:35:54 GMT 2003


I ran into a problem today. One of our users couldn't authenticate to a
share which was working a few days ago. Turns out the reason was the
account didn't exist according to pam but did exist according to wbinfo
-u. The difference between the systems was approximately 30,000 user

A restart of winbindd fixed this issue but I suspect that it is not
completely fixed as there is still a difference of 10,000 accounts
between the two systems.

#wbinfo -u > all.users
#getent passwd > all.passwd

(before fixing
# wc -l all.*
  9989 all.passwd
  43113 all.users

(after fixing)
# wc -l all.*
  29999 all.passwd
  43113 all.users

Anyone know of a limit for winbind. I know 43,000 is a lot of ADS
accounts and both pam account numbers seem to be on a 10,000 user

Best Regards,
Lee Sanders

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