[Samba] Re: Windows domain group policies

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at gmx.de
Sun Jun 22 14:31:49 GMT 2003

Thomas Angst schrieb:
  > It seems that you catched my problem.

i am not sure

  > I don't have or ever had nor I will ever have a w2k server. So can you
  > please describe the turn arounds from the view of a w2k workstation, if
  > possible :)

you will manage a samba-ads-domain from a w2k-client with the
windows-own-tools ?
then you can try it with the necessary tools
eg. from the

w2k-(adv)server-cd:\i386\ADMINPAK.msi (~15 mb)
evtl. you can download it from m$

install it on one of your w2k-professional-client
afterwards, as domain-admin, you should be able to manage your ads-domain
if this works with a samba-ads-domain-controller this would be great

  > How can I check which groups are available and what their names are? I
  > am using a german w2k and if I choose a group then I see names like
  > Administratoren or Standardbenutzer or something like that.

in your *only-local*-user-databases on your w2k-clients where you have
no domain-users and no domain-groups ?
right-click "arbeitsplatz" / "verwaltung" = computerverwaltung (lokal) /

in the shareable *global*-user-database on your samba-domain where
exists your domain-users and domain-groups ?
(i have no experiences with samba-domains)
- not_tested: with the  adminpak
- not_tested: right-click on "computerverwaltung (lokal)" / "verbindung
zu anderem computer herstellen"
choose your samba-domain-controller
- not_tested: add file/share-permissions on your w2k-client
from your domain, afaik,  you can only choose  domain-users  and

with my little samba-workgroup-knowledge i would say:
at the moment, the best way to do this is on your samba-server

# man net
# net groupmap
# net --help
# cat /etc/passwd
# cat /etc/group
# cat /path/to/smbpasswd

take once again a look on

  > The command net group is not working on w2k workstations.

"this command is only available on w2k-domain-controllers"  :-(

sorry if i had missunderstood you completely


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