[Samba] CPU consumption by samba

Massimiliano Hofer max at bbs.cc.uniud.it
Sat Jun 21 21:29:22 GMT 2003

Alle 9:03 AM, mercoledì 18 giugno 2003, Wolfram Quester ha scritto:

> I remember that there were issues with VisualFox Pro and oplocks
> discussed on this list. Try to disable them
> A recommendation was to look at
> http://www.drouillard.ca/Tips&Tricks/Samba/Oplocks.htm
> You can search this list at marc.theaimsgroup.com for "Foxpro Test" with
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=samba&w=2&r=1&s=Foxpro+Test&q=b
> for further information.

Thank your for the interesting links, but they seem to discuss corruption 
problems (which I don't have).
Anyway I managed to perform some more tests with various settings of locks, op 
locks, caching, etc. The only significant parameter (if I'm not missing 
anything fundamental) I didn't test extensively is the lock spin, which I'll 
test in the next few days.
I even tried samba 3, but to no avail (it was slower).
Sometimes it got a little faster or slower, but the loading time never went 
below 30 seconds and this is way too slow compared with 2 seconds on a 
Windows 2000 server. Meanwhile all other application run faster with samba 
than with Windows (as expected :)).

During those 30 seconds the CPU load takes 80% user time and 20% system time 
and this is with just one client. What could possibly take this much 

   Massimiliano Hofer

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