[Samba] Windows domain group policies

Thomas Angst ta_ldap at granitsoft.ch
Sat Jun 21 20:53:51 GMT 2003

I hope they will fix this bug soon, how can we else test the new functionality of Samba 3.0 if we cannot use it as a domain server?
Or is there another way to register a machine which will be accepted by Samba 3.0?


> I am using Debian 3.0r1 with unstable packages. But if the fixes are in
> CVS I can download and compile it.

Fixes are still being worked on. I hope they will make it for Beta2.

- John T.

robowarp at gmx.de schrieb:

> recompiled samba 3 on current cvs , the bug stays
> no login to samba domain is possible , cause computer acount is not
> trusted
> after reboot the client which 
> joined the domain succesfully
> regards r

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