[Samba] OT: Why are so many using Samba to authenticate as PDC??

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Sat Jun 21 14:21:56 GMT 2003

We all know about cost. Are there any TECHNICAL reasons for running Samba?
Have you found it to be superior to Windows NT or 2000 Server in some way?
Are you using it for the challenge of *something different*? Are you hoping
to 'advance the state of the art'?

Just a few questions to get your brain cells moving, that's all.

Personally, some things I like about Samba:
* Remote administration is far easier, especially from non-M$ platforms (web
interfaces, command line config file editing, no stinkin' registry with
undocumented values
* Share-level options that are only global in Windows
* Provides *nix filesystem access to Windows clients
* Ability to have multiple SMB servers in one machine
* Ability to rename your PDC (Although this may screw things up!)


On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, marvc wrote:

> I need to get some feedback on some good reasons for incorporating Samba
> into a corporate environment that runs mostly Microsoft, but also Sun,
> and some linux systems. Can anyone here that have used Samba for more
> than a few months elaborate on some of their reasons for choosing to use
> Samba? Advantages and disadvantages are also welcomed. 

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