[Samba] samba3 beta as pdc

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Sat Jun 21 12:27:47 GMT 2003

Hi @ll,
has anybody joined a beta domain with
success,if so, which was the used smb.conf
i ve tried serveral ways on my test net and i was able to join but after
reboot the client , i got message computer account is not trusted.
trough many studies on the faq i see no failure on my setup.
the machine account is in passwd like testpc$ and in smbpasswd testpc$.
is this a failure to the beta or is it possible that it is related to any
which was released by ms a few days ago.
my test client ist fully patched with all possible win updates ad it joins a
win2000 server without problems

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