[Samba] Samba on Solaris 7 exhibits slow performance when switch from SECURITY=USER to SECURITY=DOMAIN on WinXP clients

Dany De Bontridder piet11000 at yahoo.fr
Sat Jun 21 09:10:35 GMT 2003

 --- "Thomas G. Tri, P.E." <ttri at skees.com> a écrit :
> After the switch, the WinXP clients started
> experiencing a severe slowdown 
> after a short period of time. The time before the
> symptoms occur varies 
> from a couple of minutes to maybe an hour. If they
> reboot, the performance 
> is again normal.
> The slowness symptoms are exhibited as random, major
> delays in opening a 
> Word doc or Excel spreadsheet, navigating with
> Explorer, etc. (...)
May I suggest you to use smbd -i -d4 to make test and
to see the bottle neck ??

I've missed something: are you using security
level=user or domain ? If you were using DOMAIN, did
you receive a warning when you added the samba server
to the domain ?


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