[Samba] Windows domain group policies

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Fri Jun 20 19:12:47 GMT 2003

Thomas Angst írta:

>I am trying to use Samba 3.0, but as you answered the other mail with the add 
>machine script, there are some problems to solve.
>If you are experimenting with 3.0b too and you can do, what we can't, to add a 
>machine to the domain. Can you please inform me, how you did it? I spent a lots 
>of time for this domain things and unfortunatly I am stuck now.
>About th groups, can you tell me, where you did found the infos? I'm using 
>Debian and there are no manpage to that tool also not on the CVS tree on 
>>If you are using Samba 2.x there is no way, I know , I need the same 
>>functionality for the same reasons. With Samba 3.0, TNG, you could do 
>>that, with samedit, etc tools. I'm just trying that tools right now.
I'm just started to experiment with 3.0, so I'm absolutely not an expert 
of the new features, but the newly introduced net command has some 
interesting things, like: net3 groupmap, with which you could control 
the UNIX->NT group mappings

Best regards

Geza Gemes

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