[Samba] Winxp netlogon script

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Fri Jun 20 14:34:27 GMT 2003

I have been experiencing the exact same issue as you, and I was wondering if
you ever came to a resolution?  I didn't see a response on the Samba list!


List:     samba
Subject:  RE: [Samba] Winxp netlogon script
From:     "Truman" <tlackey () dmsidaho ! com>
Date:     2003-05-16 20:31:28
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I am adding more information on my status:
The question that I need to find is why Win98 client have no problem
running the logon script and WinXp clients do not even appear to try.  

When I log onto the domain from a WinXp pro client the home share is
getting mapped but the logon script is not getting executed.  I have
checked the log files and I am in the domain.  

Initially I had 2 WinXp client using roaming profiles just to test but I
decided against using this feature.  This may somehow caused WinXp
clients to not run the logon script but I am not sure.  I have the same
symptoms on 4 WinXp clients, and 1 win2000 client.


Khanh Tran
Network Operations
Sarah Lawrence College

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