[Samba] 'Little' problems with Samba v2.2.3a-12.3 (Debian Woody) and PRINTERS !!

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Fri Jun 20 13:37:44 GMT 2003

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Farget Vincent wrote:
> Le Jeudi 19 Juin 2003 17:15, vous avez écrit :
>>But you have not read the samba-howto-collection.pdf, which has a
>>chapter on this, which tells you *exactly* not to do this.
> I have read the 6th chapter of theSamba-HOWTO-Collection paper and
above all
> the 6.2.2th chapter named 'Setting Drivers for Existing Printers'.
> First of all, I remove all the files which was under my :
> '\\MYSRV\print$\W32X86' directory and also do :
> MYSRV:~# rpcclient MYSRV -U root%ROOTPASSWD -c "setdriver nss.rdc NULL"

You should possible also then remove the printing-related tdb files
(ntprinters.tdb, ntdrivers.tdb etc.)

> After that I start to follow the 6.2.2th chapter process :
> 1.)
>>From a Windows 2000 Pro, trying to view the 'nss.rdc' properties
throught the
> 'Network Neighborhood', result in an error message :
> 'Device settings cannot be displayed. The driver for the specified
printer is
> not installed, only spooler properties will be displayed. Do you want to
> install the driver now ?'
> 2.)
> I answered 'No' to this question. The 'Printer properties window'
> 3.)
> I clicked on the 'Advanced' tab and on the 'New driver...' button.
> 4.)
> I gave the axact directory where is the 'HP4050PS.INF' which
correspond to
> the driver I want to upload to the server.
> All worked well. No other errors appeared.
> I looked at my server to see if the driver's files were well upload.
And as I
> can see a new directory ('2') in the '\\MYSRV\print$\W32X86' with all the
> driver's files I can say that all was well done.
> But when I use the rpcclient's command, I can see that there were
> always missing.
> MYSRV:~# rpcclient MYSRV -U root%ROOTPASSWD -c "enumdrivers"
> gave me an empty answer.
> And there is nothing else in the Samba-HOWTO-Collection !!!!

Well, it should work, and I have done this with versions since 2.2.2,
but there were some releases that were problematic.

> MYSRV:~# rpcclient MYSRV -U root%ROOTPASSWD -c "enumprinters"
> gave me the following answer :
> INFO: Debug class all level = 1   (pid 23218 from pid 23218)
> session setup ok
> Domain=[MYDOM] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.3a-12.3 for Debian]
> cmd = enumprinters
> enumprinters
>         flags:[0x800000]
>         name:[\\MYSRV\nss.rdc]
>         description:[MYSRV\\MYSRV\nss.rdc,HP LaserJet 4050 Series
> imprimante HP4050N (1er etage)]
>         comment:[Partage imprimante HP4050N (1er etage)]
>         flags:[0x800000]
>         name:[\\MYSRV\nss.1er]
>         description:[MYSRV\\MYSRV\nss.1er,HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL
> 6,Partage imprimante HP4000N (2eme etage)]
>         comment:[Partage imprimante HP4000N (2eme etage)]

Looks like you have confused samba a bit, which may be most easily fixed
(at this stage) by removing the tdb files.

>>I have screenshots of the right method, but haven't had the time to get
>>them together properly.
>>Well, since the files are there, you should now be able to set the
>>driver with rpclient, but if you do it the right way, you don't need to
>>do anything.
> Are you talking about the setdriver rpcclient'c command ?
> Or are you talking of another rpcclient's command ?

Yes, setdriver should work, but it's the same as setting the driver via
the advanced tab in the printer dialog (which will probably show as
empty at this stage.

>>You should not need this, well, at least I have never needed it, but we
>>use CUPS on all our print servers.
> Yes, but I think the problem is a samba problem, not an LPRng or CUPS
> problem.....

Yes, if removing the tdb files and starting again does not work, I would
suspect your ancient samba release.

>>You are spending too much time working around problems, instead of
>>reading the documentation.
> Yes, but I have readen the Samba-HOWTO-Collection documentation and
there is
> no solution for my little problem.
> In fact, I don't really know if it is a problem, as all works well :
> UPLOADING drivers to the server, DOWNLOADING driver from the server
> but there are some things that don't work as it do.

Well, if your samba server doesn't know what drivers it has, it can't
tell the clients which one to download.

Maybe you should ask on a Debian list, since no-one else runs such
ancient versions of samba.


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