[Samba] Setting up 3.0 to authenticate to AD

Chip Bell cbell at msbv.com
Fri Jun 20 13:23:47 GMT 2003

Did you get any futher? I'm still stuck and have NO IDEA where to go

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While trying to work on my problem with logging in to my 2000 AD, I
to try and do it will my account from the NT4.0 domain that I run which
a trust to the AD.  That crashed SAMBA, here is the log file:

[2003/06/19 12:36:26, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(36)
[2003/06/19 12:36:26, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(37)
  INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 7188 (3.0.0beta1)
  Please read the appendix Bugs of the Samba HOWTO collection
[2003/06/19 12:36:26, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(39)
[2003/06/19 12:36:26, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1462)
  PANIC: internal error
[2003/06/19 12:36:26, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1469)
  BACKTRACE: 9 stack frames:
   #0 smbd(smb_panic+0x11c) [0x81b280c]
   #1 smbd [0x81a1432]
   #2 /lib/i686/libc.so.6 [0x4016a5d8]
   #3 smbd(tdb_close+0xe7) [0x81c3ec7]
   #4 smbd(gencache_shutdown+0x65) [0x81bfa15]
   #5 smbd(namecache_shutdown+0xb) [0x80f192b]
   #6 smbd(main+0x4d7) [0x821af17]
   #7 /lib/i686/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xc7) [0x40157a07]
   #8 smbd(chroot+0x35) [0x8073381]

Thought someone might want that.
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