[Samba] use id and paswrod problem

CJ unix1adm at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 11:26:33 GMT 2003

Iam new to Samba and have installed/compiled 2.2.8a on
my AIX 5.1 system. I cans ee the shares fine.
However when I go to the PC and double click on the
share it asks me for a passwd. This is what I want OK
so far.

When I enter in my unix ID and unix passwd it does not
accept it. I keep getting invalid id or passwd

I have made the samba password file from the unix per
the instruction : cat /etc/passwd |mkpasswd
I also had one in /usr/local/bin/smbpasswd
I think this was from the old install. 

When I use the smbpasswd command it does not respond
as expected. (From what man pages says thatis) It
tries to run the smbpasswd file. Is this what should



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