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Disregard my previous post. The permission bits are the same. They are just
toggled on/off ALLOW/DENY by


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Windows NT has 13 permission bits that you can set:

permission bit				representation in include/smb.h
--------------				-------------------------------
Traverse Folder/Execute File		FILE_EXECUTE		0x020
List Folder/Read Data			FILE_READ_DATA		0x001
Read Attributes				FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES	0x080
Read Extended Attributes		FILE_READ_EA		0x008
Create Files/Write Data			FILE_WRITE_DATA		0x002
Create Folders/Append Data		FILE_APPEND_DATA		0x004
Write Attributes				FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES	0x100
Write Extended Attributes		FILE_WRITE_EA		0x010
Delete Subfolder and Files		FILE_DELETE_CHILD		0x040
Delete					DELETE_ACCESS		0x00010000
Read Permissions				READ_CONTROL_ACCESS	0x00020000
Change Permissions			WRITE_DAC_ACCESS		0x00040000
Take Ownership				WRITE_OWNER_ACCESS	0x00080000

The above permission bits are the representation for ALLOW. I was wondering
if there is representation for the NT ACLs for DENY.

Please reply to me, because I am not subscribed to the samba mailing list.


echen at ateonix.com

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