[Samba] Setting up 3.0 to authenticate to AD

Norris, Brent bnorris at Edmonson.k12.ky.us
Thu Jun 19 13:57:32 GMT 2003

After reading through the doc for setting up 3.0beta with ADS, I have gotten
it to work along the lines of the the doc said.  I can use wbinfo -g or -u
top get the users and groups, I can use the net user or net group command to
do it as well.  I can login with the kinit program, perfectly well as well.
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to connect to the linux machine from a Windows
machine.  I keep getting a "The username could not be found" error and in
the smb.log for that machine I get:

[2003/06/19 08:57:29, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(221)
  Username bnorris is invalid on this system

So it is like it isn't using AD for the usernames.   Does anyone have an
idea what setting I might have missed in the setup?

Brent Norris
Assistant DTC, Edmonson County Schools
Cell: 270.246.0152

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