[Samba] Drive letter map to Samba using ssh or scp?

Vizitiu, Ciprian CVizitiu at gbif.org
Thu Jun 19 07:59:37 GMT 2003

> OK, what I want to do is access files on my Samba server remotely.
> Currently, I can use WinSCP, but this isn't ideal because [...]

> Anyone done anything like this? I don't want to reinvent the 
> wheel if I don't have to.

Don't know how it will work apart from VPN. Unfortunately a samba/windows
world is very much tied to broadcasts. That's how it works... I have yet to
see someone forwarding broadcasts through a ssh tunnel. You can quit using
broadcasts if you don't want to use "network neighborhood" on the remote
net. You'll do it with ssh by forwarding 139 but there is a catch: this ties
you to accessing a single samba machine at a time! 

Users do not have to type complicated command lines each time. That's what
.bat files are used for ;-) You make a bat file with ssh command to connect
to the remote host and the user clicks it on the desktop; it only asks for a
password. Some SSL gurus please step in and enlighten us about certificates
and alike, I'm sure you can avoid passwords too!! 
Only once, you the windows admin modify the lmhosts file to point the name
of the remote samba machine to Then after the ssh connection is
established you can access the remote machine in explorer with
\\remote\sharename. Use IE's bookmarks features, name the shares
accordingly. I know it's an ugly hack and it sucks badly but until some
brave hart makes a VPN-how-to the magnitude Kurt Pfeifle did for samba
printing it seems the only way... :-|

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