[Samba] how to make unix password and samba password same

Vizitiu, Ciprian CVizitiu at gbif.org
Thu Jun 19 07:37:44 GMT 2003

> Is it possible to have UNIX password and samba password same 
> so that user  only need to remember one userid and password ?
> How to sync both this password ?
> Thanks in advance.

You've looked at smb.conf, haven't you? Look at the smb.conf particularly
search for "unix password sync = Yes" and related. Then man smb.conf... 

BTW I hope you know most of today apps accept pam for auth so you can use
winbind for this. E.g. you can auth say a Courier IMAP user using ONLY
samba. Man winbindd f you're going in this direction.

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