[Samba] Samba 3.0 != ADS, whats missing?

Suraj Shankar su_raj_in at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 06:46:59 GMT 2003

Hi all,
  I have been reading throught the manual that
accompanied the Samba 3.0(beta) distribution. I am
unable to understand ...  
  "Samba-3 is capable of acting fully as a native
member of a Windows 200x server Active Directory
  However, please be aware that Samba-3 support the MS
Windows 200x domain control protocols also. 
  At this time any appearance that Samba-3 is capable
of acting as an ADS Domain Controller is limited and
experimental in nature."
In a less protocol and more application perspective,
what are the features (relatively important) that a
Samba (only, if that is possible) DC (with ADS
features) would be missing?   

  Thank you.


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