[Samba] Samba & Unicode

Francois Menard (Mailing List Account) fm-listproc at fmmo.ca
Thu Jun 19 06:16:07 GMT 2003

With the final release of 2.4.21, would it be appropriate for Urban to
consider updating all of the2.4.18 smbfs patches as a single file.

I've had a problem for a while where I'm trying to mount my shares on a
windows 2000 server with some (french canadian) accentuated characters in
the file names and directory names, which smbfs mounts with question

At first I thought this was caused by a problem in my locale
configuration, but I seem to be realizing that the 2.4.21 code for smbfs
has not been updated for a while.

Is there any reason why these smbfs patches should not be rolled in the
main kernel code?  Surely, there must be a lot of people which are
utilizing linux clients off windows 2000 servers with accentuated
characters on the servers on this planet...

Additionally, is it fair for me to assess that the smbclient utilizes the
smbfs code in order to list a directory with an accentuated character? if
not, why would I have the same bug than with smbmount?  Does smbmount in
Samba 3.0 beta 1 solves this problem? I have tried it and it doesn't.

>From which version onward does windows SMB transmits directory and file
names over the wire in unicode? Windows 2000 and upward?

fm-listproc at fmmo.ca

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