[Samba] WinXP can`t log on Samba PDC

Justin Kreger jkreger at lwolenczak.net
Thu Jun 19 04:56:58 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 00:32, Mark wrote:
> >From the actual reg file itself
> This registry key is needed for a Windows XP Client to join and logon
> a Samba domain. 

I felt like a dummy when I opened up that file and looked at it.

> Keep in mind that if you are using Samba in a workgroup setting, the
> patch is not needed. Also the patch is only good for XP Pro....XP does
> not support domain logins.
Yeah, I hate that some users have home, I'm itching to move everybody to
a domain.. I figure even though I hate windows, I might as well use it's
best features.

> As far as XP timing out or disconnecting, do you mean the actual
> drives timeout and lose connection.?? One thing my I have found that
> helps eleviate this particular issue is to turn off the web client
> service if you do not use it.
Web Client Service?  What is that?

Keep in mind, I've been slowly going to Linux over the last 7 years, and
I don't have a windows box to my name, I only have to support XP because
ppl like it where I work :(   I think I need to start hinting with all
the Redhat 9 Demo Cds I have in my appartment.

> Now with XP loginng in with the admin password, I am not sure about
> one. It will probably get fixed in service pack 12 :-). Seriously
> some one else knows.

Geee... I have a strange feeling its some stupid setting that the
"windows" admin has been setting laptops up with, I finally had her
fedex me a laptop that she had just setup so I can check inter-op

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