[Samba] Quickbooks revisited

Tom McKellips tom at cpty.net
Thu Jun 19 04:18:05 GMT 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:30:26 -0400, drgn65 wrote
> I don't know what your setup is but here is mine.
> I run samba 2.2.7.  I don't use oplocks on my share that QuickBooks 
> is on. You most definately don't want to.  Other than that I have a 
> pretty basic setup.  I did not notice any difference between the 
> file on my linux server
> (primary file server) or on a Win2000 Server share.  What version of 
> QuickBooks are you using?  How many users on your network?  How many 
> users accessing QuickBooks?  Does your linux server run a lot of 
> other server daemons?
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> What about file locking?
> I've run into lots of file locking problems, leading me to slowly 
> just turn off file locking on several shares due to quickbooks.  My 
> user also reports that quickbooks is now slower since I took the 
> server to linux/samba from the win2k server that was limited to .
> On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 16:03, drgn65 at ufl.edu wrote:
> > I have QucikBooks on our network too.  I have had a number of problems
> with
> > this crappy software.  If my client actually wanted me too I'd rather
> create
> > my own accounting software with a better interface and a mysql backend but
> > that isn't going to happen.  A few things with QuickBooks that I have
> > noticed that maybe will help.
> >
> > #1. QuickBooks in multi-user mode is much slower than in single user mode.
> > This is the (crappy) design of QuickBooks.  It has to do with the fact
> that
> > QuickBooks checks everything everywhere when in multiuser mode to make
> sure
> > that no data gets corrupted (even though it has corrupted before).  Our
> > company datafile is around ~180mb.
> >
> > #2. This problem will not be solved easily at all.  Quickbooks appears to
> be
> > as slow as the weakest client link.  In our case a P2 300 w/ 64 megs of
> ram.
> > Again, this has to do with #1.
> >
> > #3. Upgrading Quickbooks won't help.  We've had many versions in the past
> > and currently run the "Enterprise Edition."  It still can be as slow as a
> > turtle under certain operations.
> >
> > #4. My biggest complain with this software is that it requires it's users
> to
> > be "Power Users."  Boy do I hate that.... With samba it's very difficult
> for
> > me to limit a Power user's ability and I have had people take advantge of
> it
> > repeatedly.  Damn QuickBooks....
> >
> > -Peter
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I have to agree, we use QB also and it is crap when it comes to networking 
it. I have set Samba in various configs and QB does not seem to improve. 
Maybee we all need to put a big letter together signed by all of the Linux 
users demanding Intuit to improve this product, remove the constant ads and 
compile it for the Linux desktop... It's a nice dream at least.

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