[Samba] can't log in from windoz 2000

Paul Mallasch mallasch at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 18 20:20:15 GMT 2003


You're The Man!

Opened RedHat 8.0 firewall to ports 137-139 and it authenticated instantly!

One more question, where in the Samba docs does it talk about this kind of 

Thanks for such a quick & correct solution, I appreciate it.


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Are you by chance running Redhat with the default firewall blocking
ports 137-139?

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I have the same problem, but ping works fine.

Browsing Network Neighborhood also displays Samba server & server string

from smb.conf, but same WinDoze error as below is experienced.

I can logon to Samba on server using smbclient locally however.



On Tue, 13 May 2003, Webmaster wrote:
 >i can see the linux share from windoz 2000 but can't log in ...
 >here is the error from windoz (2000)
 >C:\>net use x: \\ericred\www
 >System error 53 has occurred.

What happens when you do:

	ping ericred

from the Win2K machine?

- John T.

 >The network path was not found.
 >I think problem is related to using encrypted passwords.  I was using
 >unencrypted passwords before...
 >can't see any errors in logs.  any suggestions on how to track down the

 >problem would be appreciated.
 >linux newbie

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