[Samba] Calculating file size.

David Gilligan, Nyfix O'seas, Inc. dgilligan at nyfix.co.uk
Wed Jun 18 16:13:56 GMT 2003

As it happens I am having some real nightmares with this too.

Using NETGEAR ND520 NAS devices [Yes! I know - rod for own back...]
But the fact it is a Linux device sold me ahead of a W2K Appliance

Win2K reports:

Folder #1
19,969 Files, 1578 folders
Size: 2.36Gb
S-O-D: 11.3Gb
Notes: This is a user's 'Home Drive' Lots of disparate files & Directories

Folder #2
15,151 Files, 595 folders
Size: 292Mb
S-O-D: 7.54Gb
Notes: As above

Folder #3

114 Files, 1 folder
Size: 857Mb
S-O-D: 895Mb
Notes: JAVA developer's archive - all but one are ZIP files

Sure, I'll be obseleting these NAS soon but my plan was to build a custom
Linux Samba server to handle the task.  Now I'm not so sure....


IT Manager

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