[Samba] Quickbooks revisited

drgn65 at ufl.edu drgn65 at ufl.edu
Tue Jun 17 20:03:28 GMT 2003

I have QucikBooks on our network too.  I have had a number of problems with
this crappy software.  If my client actually wanted me too I'd rather create
my own accounting software with a better interface and a mysql backend but
that isn't going to happen.  A few things with QuickBooks that I have
noticed that maybe will help.

#1. QuickBooks in multi-user mode is much slower than in single user mode.
This is the (crappy) design of QuickBooks.  It has to do with the fact that
QuickBooks checks everything everywhere when in multiuser mode to make sure
that no data gets corrupted (even though it has corrupted before).  Our
company datafile is around ~180mb.

#2. This problem will not be solved easily at all.  Quickbooks appears to be
as slow as the weakest client link.  In our case a P2 300 w/ 64 megs of ram.
Again, this has to do with #1.

#3. Upgrading Quickbooks won't help.  We've had many versions in the past
and currently run the "Enterprise Edition."  It still can be as slow as a
turtle under certain operations.

#4. My biggest complain with this software is that it requires it's users to
be "Power Users."  Boy do I hate that.... With samba it's very difficult for
me to limit a Power user's ability and I have had people take advantge of it
repeatedly.  Damn QuickBooks....


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