[Samba] Cannot add Domain Groups to Local Groups (D Users OK)

Steve Jr Ramage sjr at sjrx.net
Tue Jun 17 08:41:09 GMT 2003

I have searched the globe but alas I can't come up with a solution.
I am running Debian 3.0r0 with samba 2.2.3a12-3 (or something around
and Kernel 2.4.18.
Basically I am trying to add a Domain Group to a Local Group, but when I
do I get an error (From Windows 2000):
"A member could not be added to or removed from the local group because
the member does not exist"
Can't figure out why I get this error, my friend running a similar set
up had the same issue. I tried the new version of samba, samba 2.2.8a
from www.samba.org (a binary tho), and it suffered the same flaw.
I guess the only other critical information is that when I switched from
2.2.8a (and then back) I noticed that 2.2.8a had Domain Users listed
when I viewed the domain groups available, but 2.2.3a (Debian build)
didn't, occasionally it had a second group full of garbage characters,
but that seemed to be intermitant on my 2000 machine (User Manager for
Domains however showed it all the time, but with the characters
Secondly, when I list the members of the local group on all my machines,
it lists some already predifined users, 
Now everything up to the -1000, or -512 is the PDC's SID, I have no idea
what they correspond to tho. I have a feeling that they happen to be my
groups, OTher things was that when I add a machine to the domain I
manually have to add the user to Local Administrators. These SID's are
probably the ones that are automatically added locally upon joining the
domain, and whatever resolves sids to name and backward is broken, or
something. I have no idea what to do tho. (I just broke something else
trying to fix this at the moment) 
Any ideas would help alot, thank you...
Steve Jr Ramage


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