[Samba] Can't access Samba Servers using cable internet access

Bobby Hitt Bobby.Hitt at bscnet.com
Tue Jun 17 08:09:35 GMT 2003


Problem is definitely with cable company. Can't telnet to any of the netbios
ports, but on the server itself I can connect to port 139, the port that
smbd and nmbd are on.

Thanks for reminding me that telnet is a wonderful debugging tool also :^)


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Bobby Hitt wrote:

>Ever since adding Internet access to my cable account, I can no longer
>access several Samba servers on the Internet that I routinely accessed
>my dialup account. I've tried using both the inetd server (with my cable IP
>address in the hosts.allow file. I can telnet, etc no problem, so I know
>it's working) and running smbd and smbd as daemons. When I try to access
>Samba server, I watch the logs on the server, no warnings, errors, notices,
>etc., no indiation that I'm even attempting to access the server. I've
>using both the name in my /etc/hosts file, and also by IP address. As I
>before, I had no problems using my dialup account.
>Can anyone shed ANY light on what's going on?
yes, most cable companys block smb traffic across their networks see if
you can telnet to the remote box on port 137, 138, and 139 to just
recieve connect messages if you can then I hve no idea what is going on
but it sounds like your cable company is blocking traffic.

Jeff Means
meaje at meanspc.com

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