[Samba] samba 3 - debian

Brent Addis brent.addis at spit.gen.nz
Tue Jun 17 04:40:57 GMT 2003


Im new to the list, but have had a quick scrounge around the archives
and cant find what I need.

Up until this morning I was running samba 2, which worked well.

We have a win2k based domain controller dealing out logins etc, which is
cool. Samba was authorising off it with no problems, and serving files
to the webserver (IIS ich!) without a hitch.

However, I upgraded debian this morning (needed some upgraded libs and
various other bits and pieces) and now there is no pam_stack.so, which
the samba howtos mention a fair amount with regards to winbindd

Apparently this has been removed and wont be put back in


Pam_stack (among other
faults) uses different pam handles for each step in the process--the
handle used for session management is not the same as the handle used
for authentication.  This breaks several modules.  We will have an
alternate solution for shared PAM configuration across modules.


Is there a workaround for this? Its probably going to affect a fair
amount of debian users at some point so if theres any ideas out there,
feel free to step in :>

Brent Addis

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