[Samba] Can't access Samba Servers using cable internet access

Bobby Hitt Bobby.Hitt at bscnet.com
Tue Jun 17 04:02:17 GMT 2003


Ever since adding Internet access to my cable account, I can no longer
access several Samba servers on the Internet that I routinely accessed using
my dialup account. I've tried using both the inetd server (with my cable IP
address in the hosts.allow file. I can telnet, etc no problem, so I know
it's working) and running smbd and smbd as daemons. When I try to access the
Samba server, I watch the logs on the server, no warnings, errors, notices,
etc., no indiation that I'm even attempting to access the server. I've tried
using both the name in my /etc/hosts file, and also by IP address. As I said
before, I had no problems using my dialup account.

Can anyone shed ANY light on what's going on?



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