[Samba] samba configuration problem (LOGFILEBASE, configure, make, 2.2.8a)

Brent Thompson brent at hplbct.hpl.hp.com
Tue Jun 17 00:30:09 GMT 2003

How do I get LOGFILEBASE configured into my smbd and nmbd to have the value
I wish instead of default?

I built samba 2.2.8a with:

	./configure --with-logfilebase=/var/opt/samba

and I notice make output shows -DLOGFILEBASE="/var/opt/samba", but when
samba starts, I find log.nmbd and log.smbd under /usr/local/samba/var/ not
under /var/opt/samba/ as expected.

But, if I start smbd and/or nmbd with '-l/var/opt/samba' to set LOGFILEBASE
explicitly on commandline, then all logs show up under /var/opt/samba/, and
none under /usr/local/samba/var/, as desired.

So, somehow LOGFILEBASE is not being changed from default during make,
though it would seem I've done the right thing to make it change.

 ---   Brent

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