[Samba] smbd dies with "I/O Possible"

Micael Beronius micael.beronius at abc.se
Mon Jun 16 17:56:13 GMT 2003

smbd dies with "I/O Possible"

What is this?

I have a serious problem with my Samba installation; since changing
the server box 2 month ago, I cannot get Samba to work. I have
identified that SMBD dies with "I/O possible" as soon as I try to copy
a file from my win2k box onto the samba server (reading is fine).
(At times Samba can work for a couple of hours with writing as well,
but most of the time, it just refuses).

I have recompiled Samba many times, I have changed NIC. I have tried
different settings in smb.conf. Everything else works fine
(nfs/various internet protocols etc etc)

What can this be? I'm running 2.4.20 kernel, have Gentoo 1.4 gcc 3.2.3
on a fanless VIA Eden. smbd 2.2.8a.


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