[Samba] usermapping in 3.0b1

Dan Newcombe Newcombe at mordor.clayton.edu
Mon Jun 16 04:50:46 GMT 2003

I was reading the release notes for 3.0beta1, which says this:
1)  When operating as a member of a Windows domain, Samba 2.2 would
      map any users authenticated by the remote DC to the 'guest account'
      if a uid could not be obtained via the getpwnam() call.  Samba 3.0
      rejects the connection as NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE.  There is no
      current work around to re-establish the 2.2 behavior.

Does this apply to only automatically mapping to the guest account, or
does this also apply to mapping a user to a uid via getpwnam?

I ask because I am trying to maintain the ability I had before - running
Samba on a box where my unix username is the same as my windows username.
In the past, it would just assume the two were correct and that was that.

Now, the only way I can get it to work is to use idmap, but that maps my
nt account to a uid different than my unix uid.

My work around has been to set the idmap to start at my unix uid so when I
connect it just happens to map my NT id to the same uid of my unix id.
This is fine for my personal machine, but would not work if the machine
had more than one person connecting.

So what is the best way to map NT and Unix ID's (winbindd would work,
assuming you wanna ditch your unix users in favor of just using NT.
usermap doesn't appear to work anymore.)


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