[Samba] Samba + LDAP problem...

Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ump.edu.br
Fri Jun 13 18:57:47 GMT 2003

> I did have these set, as I used 'authconfig' to generate the PAM/LDAP
> integration.
> What I didn't have (but do now) is some settings in /etc/ldap.conf.  Those
> that look like nns_base_passwd, nss_base_shadow, and nss_base_group or
> similar.  I have those set now, and the error message that I'm getting is
> different.
> On the Windows 2000 machine when I join the domain, I get:
> "The account used is a computer account.  Use your global user account, or
> local user account to access this server."
> It almost sounds like the "administrator" account is misconfigured and is
> appearing to Windows as a computer account instead of a user account.
> you heard of this happening before?
> I used 'smbldap-useradd.pl -a -m -g 200 administrator' to add the
> "administrator" account after I had LDAP up and running.

Don´t know if this occurs when using LDAP but I used to get this error when
trying to join a machine to the domain with a user different then root or
when my "add user script" was misconfigured and samba couldn´t create the
machine account.
Verify if you can run "/usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl -w <machine_name>"
from a directory different than /usr/local/bin, if not you need to configure
perl to locate your smbldap_tools.pm.
If the machine account was created try to change the uid and gid from the
administrator to 0 or run "smbpasswd -a root" and use the user root to join
the machine to the domain.

Hope this helps.

Bruno Pereti.

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