[Samba] samba failover plan on unix OS using hardware RAID

bkrusic at yahoo.com bkrusic at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 16:24:37 GMT 2003

> So, my suggestion is IDE hardware RAID 1,
Since you asked, I would go with Raid 5.  Your load
being 20-30 clients is very light.

> is this a standard and good plan?
Depends on many factors as your prereqs are generic
being reliability and cost.  I mean thats just about
every ones prereq.

You need to define;

1) data type
2) amertization period if any and I'm sure you have
some kind of life span for both this need and tech
3) growth over time

> with hardware RAID on unix.
Although my prereq are more intense than most on here,
I would still suggest an external SCSI to IDE Raid box
having SCSI 160/320 to a SCSI card in your PC.

I would also suggest using XFS for Linux as a file
system and testing viablity of RH9 if you plan to use
RH that is.

I've had both the 3ware internal SCSI to IDE and
external RAID box being SCSI to IDE and I vote the
latter Bcuz;

1) Better performance as the i/o is spread amongst the
RAID box and the SCSI card.
2) Better reliability as you can get the external RAID
box with hot swap for on the fly replacement of
3) More controlled env as a good RAID box will have
proper ventilation, etc while using a 3ware, you have
to make sure your PC case has proper cooling.
4) Ease of install as you don't have to rely on
specialized RAID drivers for your OS, only plain SCSI
drivers being that the nature of this is host

Plus, don't go to cheap and being penny wise can be
pound foolish.


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