[Samba] Samba configuration question.

kiwi77 kiwi_eb at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 05:11:36 GMT 2003

I have installed RH9 and Samba on two PCs.   One is working fine but other
has some problem with Samba.  Could somebody help ?   I am new to Linux and
don't know what is going on.

Here is the symptom.    I have three PCs on a same workgroup.    A (win2k),
B(RH9) and C(RH9).   Samba service is installed on both B and C.   I shared
"home/share" directory on both B and C.

>From A(win2k), I can see all A(self),  B(RH9) and C(RH9) in a same workgroup
when I select "Computer Near by Me".   I can open B(RH9) and browse the
shared directory, but when I try to open C(RH9), I always get an error "\\C
is not accessible.   The network path was not found."

>From B(RH9), I can see all A(win2k), B(self) and C(RH9) from "Network
Servers".   I can browse A(win2k), but not C(RH9).    When I execute a
command "smbclient -U% -L localhost",   I see all three machines,  A, B, C
in the Server list and usually C as Master.

>From C(RH9), I see all A(win2k), B(RH9) and C(self) and browse all machines.
when I execute a command "smbclient -U% -L localhost",   I see only "C" in
the server list and C as Master.   I don't see A, B in the Server list.

I compared the /etc/samba/smb.conf files on B and C, but I didn't see any
As far as I know, I configured both machines in the same way.
smbd and nmbd running on both B and C.
Login name and password are the same on all three machines.
I can ping all machines from any machine without problem.

Only difference I noticed is that Samba on B is 2.2.7a and Samba on C is
On C, the smbd.log file at /var/log/sama has many errors(? )
"Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler"
I don't know what this means.
But I don't see this error in B's smbd.log file.

Can somebody tell what is going on ?    Any idea how to fix the problem with
C ?


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