[Samba] Usage of 'idmap' and group maps

Sameer Zeidat sameerz at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 19:06:15 GMT 2003

Greetings all ..

I'm trying to understand the usage of things like 'idmap' and group
maps in Samba. If there's someone out there patient enough to explain
it .. it'll be great.

Is it possible to use 'idmap' alone without winbind/pam/nsswitch? When
would someone do that?

What use are gourp maps for? Is it only used if Samba is the domain
controller? If yes, how can it be usefull if shares can't be specified
by the NT group membership not unix's? If Samba is't acting as a domain
controller can group maps still be usefull? how?

Last, and probably a silly one, why is winbind a daeomon? Isn't a PAM
library engough to do the job? I mean, if no authentication requests
are being served, what does winbind set there and do all the time?

Many thanks ..

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