[Samba] samba 2.2.8a SWAT enhanced

peter demus h-pd at gmx.de
Thu Jun 12 17:14:34 GMT 2003

Hallo !

If You are using SWAT and you using the "Advanced View" mode the list of
parameters is very long and it's not handy to find anything.

Also You can't do everything on the Password page-Seite nicht, what You 
would do with the console command "smbpasswd".

And a nice list of all smbpasswd accounts is not available on SWAT.

So, I've tried to enhance this.

See details, download files and screen shots here:


2 C files are changed. You have to re-compile the smb
2.2.8a packages with "make install" !

Tested on 4 different Linux (rh 7.3 suse 7.0 suse 7.3 suse 8.1) hosts. 
smbpasswd list is NOT working with LDAP by now !

Please send any comments

ciao peter

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