[Samba] I would like a concise doccument on how to setup samba 3.0.0b2 using ldapsam_nua

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jun 12 12:58:56 GMT 2003

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On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, John H Terpstra wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
> > Is there any doccumentation on using the ldapsam_nua backend??  I would
> > like to setup my server in that fashion, and have looked all through the
> > docs tree I downloaded with the cvs sources without sucess.  The LDAP
> > howto in the docs tree is completly useless as it was written for 2.2.3
> Are you serious? Are you saying that the Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf in the
> samba-3.0.0beta1 code taball is written for 2.2.3? Is it only 88 pages or
> is it 400 pages in length? Seriously, your comment about the documentation
> has me boogled out over the fence - I have spent the last 3 months writing
> completely useless stuff for 2.2.3 - well, I'll be!

No John.  What Jeffery is saying is that we have not finished updating the 
LDAP docs for the new schema, etc...  Which is true.

> Please make sure that you check the SAMBA_3_RELEASE branch docs directory.
> If you wish just check my work in progress version:
> 	http://samba.org/~jht/NT4migration/Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf
> ldapsam_nua was withdrawn from the 3.0.0 release plans, It did not work.
> There is NO support for the Non-Unix Account facility that people
> requested. It may come back later in the 3.x series when we have been able
> to iron the bugs out.

No really true.  It's just been replaced by idmap stuff.

Jeffery, if you define the idmap uid/gid parameters in smb.conf, you 
should get non-unix account support by default.  However, this code
is very new and should be taken with a grain of salt initially.
Please provide feedback via the mailing list or by filing bugs @ 
https://bugzilla.samba.org/.  Thanks.

cheers, jerry

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