[Samba] idmap mapping questions

Raphaël Berghmans rberghmans at arafox.com
Thu Jun 12 11:06:01 GMT 2003


I've setup a samba 3 server. The mapping between SID and uid is done by
idmap. When a user create a file on the server, the owner of this file
cannot be resolved by Linux (the uid cannot be resolved to the human
name). Then in smb.conf list (for example : printer admin) I've to setup
the uid of a user and not his real name otherwise the user is considered
as unknown !

How to deal with the access permission to the files and directories if
the mapping (SID - uid) change or if the idmap.tdb is corrupted ?

Thank you for your help.


Raphaël Berghmans <rberghmans at arafox.com>

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